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Introductory and Educational Material


Biological Aging Theories - One-Page Summary

Programmed vs. Non-Programmed Aging Controversy

How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life

Aging Theory Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-Aging Medicine Overview

Aging Theory Glossary

Aging Theory Timeline  - History of aging theories and underlying evolution theories


Theories of Biological Aging


Biological Aging Theories - Overview and issues

Genetic Programming and Aging Theory

Aging Theory Comparison Summary

Darwin and Aging Theory

Life Span Vs. Evolutionary Benefit


Non-Programmed Theories of Aging


Wear and Tear Theories of Aging - Simple deterioration processes

Medawar's Hypothesis - Proposes aging has a negligible effect on fitness

General Arguments Against Non-Programmed Aging Theories

Mutation Accumulation Theory of Aging - Description and critique

Mutation Accumulation Hypothesis - Criticism

Antagonistic Pleiotropy Theory of Aging - Description and critique

Arguments Against Antagonistic Pleiotropy Theory

Disposable Soma Theory of Aging

Arguments Against Disposable Soma Theory


Evolution Theories and their Importance for Aging Theories


Issues and Problems with Traditional Evolution Theory Mechanisms 

How Genetics Discoveries Affect Evolution Theories

Digital Nature of Inheritance and Implications for Evolution Theory

Gene-Centered Evolutionary Mechanics Theories

Non-Science Factors that Influence Aging and Evolution Theory

Chronology of Aging Theories and Evolutionary Mechanics Theories


Programmed Theories of Aging


Group and Kin Selection based Theories of Aging

Evolvability Theory and the Theory of Aging

August Weismann Programmed Death Theory

Maintenance and Repair Theories of Aging

Objections to Programmed Theories of Aging


Experimental Evidence and Aging Theories


Experimental Evidence on the Nature of Aging

Negligible Senescence

Human Mortality Data

Animal Life Span Data  

Animal Mortality and Aging Theories

Life Span Regulation Mechanisms - Telomeres and Aging 

Mortality Evidence and Aging Theory

Animal Altruism

Aging Mechanisms - Four Concepts Compared


Medical Implications of Aging Theories


Medical Implications of Aging Theories

Anti-Aging Medicine Overview


Programmed Aging Investigators


Vladimir Skulachev

Joshua Mitteldorf

Valter Longo

Giacinto Libertini

Cynthia Kenyon

Harold Katcher

Theodore Goldsmith

Jeff Bowles

Other Investigators


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