Clinical trials of the SkQ1 drops in treatment
of 'dry eye'

A.A. Zamyatnin
Institute of Mitoengineering, Moscow State University, Moscow

Pilot clinical trials (phase I-II) of SkQ1-based eye drops were finished recently. A total of 80 subjects with dry eye disease were involved in the open comparative study in two top-rated Moscow ophthalmological hospitals. The first aim of the study was to confirm the safety of the formula during 21 day course. The second aim was to compare the efficacy of SkQ1-based eye drops with 'Tears Naturale', Alcon in the 21 day therapy of the dry eye syndrome (light form).
Safety data were obtained. No adverse events were detected during the whole period of the study. Obtained data on the efficacy of SkQ1-based eye drops on 40 subjects (80 eyes) with dry eye disease (light form) showed statistically significant positive dynamics of all values commonly measured for the diagnosis of dry eye. These tests include Schirmer test, thickness of the tear film, and tear break-up time. Further perspectives of SkQ1-based eye drops in therapy of ocular diseases will be discussed.

Homo Sapiens Liberatus Workshop, Moscow State University, May 2010